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Wait for Pop-up

In recent past, I encountered one scenario where you need to automate pop-up in the application. I am blogging this, as many of you may have faced the same issue.

You need to automate the below scenario. There is a link present on the Web-page, Pop-up gets opened as you click on the link & perform some action on this pop-up.

Now you may wonder what's the big deal in just automating above scenario.

I also thought in the same way but my scripts were failing.

After investigation I found that when I tried to switch to pop up it was not there,meaning till that time pop up didn't get open.

I tried to apply Thread.Sleep ,it worked fine for me. But again using Thread.Sleep can cause many issues like -

  1. This may fail if opening a pop up takes longer time
  2. If pop up gets open up in fraction of seconds then it will be waste of time.
  3. It is not the good practice to use Thread.Sleep and be last option we should think of when synchronize the browser.

There is no direct solution or Expected condition available in Selenium WebDriver for this issue. Hence to overcome all these problems I have written a method which implements new Expected condition and exactly behaves like implicit wait.

private void clickWaitForPopoUp(WebDriver driver, By by,int waitTime) {
        final int currentWindows = driver.getWindowHandles().size();
        WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(driver, waitTime);
        wait.until(new ExpectedCondition() {
            public Boolean apply(WebDriver d) {
                return (d.getWindowHandles().size() != currentWindows);

Now I am calling above method and passing link and wait time when want to click and popup....

Keep automating......

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